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7 Ways to Fix Your Credit (part 5)

5. The Challenge

The big challenge with the dispute process is in getting the credit bureaus to find your dispute valid, so they’ll investigate the item. The reason this is such a challenge is because it only costs the credit bureaus money.

This money is otherwise profit and the credit bureaus have stock holders and board members to answer too. Thus, there’s a clear conflict of interest because to comply with legislation means the credit bureaus must sacrifice profits.

And it get’s worse our so called elected representatives, or more appropriately the politricksters, for some inane reason decided to give the credit bureaus the authority to first decide if a consumer’s dispute is valid or invalid. They’ll only investigate valid disputes.

This is why you’re virtually guaranteed to have your dispute found invalid and you’ll likely get a response from the credit bureaus requesting more information. This is done with the sole purpose of discouraging consumers and with the hope they’ll just give up and live with bad credit, and most people do.

However wise individuals will examine professional credit repair services with the legal resources to enforce their rights. Get a FREE credit consultation with certified FICO professional by calling toll-free 1-877-418-7596.