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7 Ways to Fix Your Credit



Over the next seven days, I'm going to provide you with 7 ways to fix your credit report. Getting the highest credite score you can prior to applying for a mortgage will undoubtedly save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

If you’re suffering from less than perfect credit, take comfort in knowing you can legally fix your credit. Naturally it won’t happen overnight but you can achieve this worthy goal much faster than just waiting seven long, expensive, and embarrassing years.

The big picture goal is to clear credit history dings and derogatory listings, because this is what’s damaging and dragging your credit score down. This includes late payments, debt collections, charged off accounts, judgements, repossessions, and more.

Simultaneously you’ll also need to build credit by displaying responsible use, and creating a trail of positive on-time payment history. This is how to boost your credit score because you’re showing you’re a credit worthy individual.

1. The Plain Truth

The popular propaganda that virtually every so called expert claims is you have to just live with bad credit for a maximum of seven years. Yet, they neglect to share that there is no minimum amount of time any item must remain on your credit report.

In other words you don’t have to just sit around hoping your bad credit will disappear, like a fart in the wind. Did you know the credit bureaus remove millions of negative items from consumers credit report files, every single year.

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Moreover some occupations such as becoming an attorney, like one of our members, requires you to fix your credit before you can practice. Can you imagine going to law school only to discover that you have to wait seven years after graduation before you can go to work?

Look, the credit bureaus are private for profit businesses. They’re not affiliated or associated with our government. In fact Congress has passed legislation to regulate the credit bureaus and try to control their behavior.

Despite these laws, the credit bureaus are sued every year by individual consumers and they’ve been sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) multiple times for violating consumer rights. They’re not your buddy and if you’ll only think, you can clearly see this.

In days gone past the credit bureaus didn’t offer any consumer products. They only collected information about you and sold that to potential lenders and creditors. At one point in time they even collected information about your race, religion, if you smell of alcohol, and much more non credit related material.

This is why Congress passed legislation and in response to the endless flood of consumer complaints. It’s mission critical that you fully understand your rights as a consumer and how to exercise these rights in order to repair bad credit and as fast as legally possible.